Hayley Southwood is totally passionate about helping other women to believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. 

She is living proof that no matter what walk of life you have come from, you can truly create the life you desire most. Through various platforms, Hayley has led and inspired hundreds of female entrepreneurs to become mavens in their own lives.

A mother of two, she lost her own mum very young and decided to re programme her brain to believe in herself and create a successful life. Hayley is the real deal -  honest, open and totally approachable. She will not only offer you support and guidance but share the knowledge, tools and resources she has used and developed over her past 20 years of being successfully self-employed.

If you are launching a new business or need to get back on track after taking time out, Hayley will guide you and help you find direction, motivation and inspiration.


Hayley is a leader in her field and genuine proof that you really can live your best life rather than just talking about it! She will empower you fully to take action rather than just speaking the words.


        I would absolutely recommend Hayley to EVERYONE. As she offers business and personal growth wisdom, inspiration and clarity. From her own personal evolution, hard graft, business experience, and countless insights of the years she has walked her talk and owned her own shizzle. 

I’ve had a number of 1-1 sessions with Hayley - from social media, to brand clarification and personal growth. And each one one has taken years off me, in terms of releasing the self-doubt, procrastination and lack of self belief. 

She really is a compass to help us to navigate our own business journeys. 

In short, Hayley feels like a golden ray of sunshine. I am forever grateful to be walking this path together.